About O.P

Cuban born Osvaldo Perez , has been part of the beauty industry for over 25 years!

Cuban born Osvaldo Perez (better known as O.P), has been part of the beauty industry for over 25 years. He was trained by the House of Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior and Guerlain.

While living in South Beach, Florida in the 80’s, OP began to be involved in editorial work. House of Chanel in the 90’s noticed his talent and offered him a position as a National Makeup Artist. In the mid-90’s, O.P had the opportunity to meet his mentors, Dominique Montetouis and Heidi Hoartz, the creators of Beaute for the House of Chanel. In 1994, Dominique gave O.P his passport as “Citizen of the World” for House of Chanel, where he and other “Citizens” meet to collaborate for Chanel Beaute.

In 2010, O.P decided to leave Chanel and start a new venture as the Regional Director Education for Beauty School of America, where he noticed that what was challenging for many makeup artists was to produce a well blended finished makeup. He found that there was a great need to create a professional quality luxurious line of makeup that would produce a polished look. So, he created OP Makeup Studio Cosmetics, a one stop shop for affordable luxury cosmetics.

In 2012, O.P started OP Makeup Studio Productions. He hired Celebrity Makeup Artists to produce the ultimate dream team, “All my team members are stars in their own right, they do top current celebrities makeup.

OP Makeup Studio Productions have produced many fashion shows such as the Cancer Society Luncheon for the past 2 years, Make a Wish Foundation, Cefin, and many local and National shows. His biggest accomplishment is Miss Universe 2015, 2016, Miss Teen USA 2015 and Miami Fashion Week 2016, where they gave him the opportunity to show the world his mission statement “Making the World More Beautiful One woman at a Time” and now he can claim “Making The World More Beautiful One Queen At A time”

During his years of experience, O.P developed his own techniques. He wants to share his techniques with the world. His approach to educating everyone is to keep it simple and easy. He has created a method of instructions that anyone can follow and enjoy doing.

Makeup Artistry: Two words. “Makeup” equals technique, while “Artistry” is the individual combining colors that express the customer’s personality. All products were researched and tested by O.P personally to insure that they meet his high expectations.


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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Karina found her eye for art and beauty at an early age. After attending university in Paris, Karina launched her career in retail merchandising with Chanel USA, where she oversaw retail operations for their Mid-Atlantic region. It was at Chanel that Karina met her business partner, Osvaldo Perez.

Karina has a passion for Latin culture and speaks three languages fluently; Spanish, English, & French. In addition to her passion for culture, she loves giving back to the community. Karina has helped fund, design, and create a state of the art Women and Babies Hospital for Florida Hospital, as well as fundraised and served in various Co-Chairmen Capacities for the Rocky Mountain JDRF Chapter.

Karina enjoys spending time with her family, doing yoga, and traveling.

As the President of OP Makeup Studio, Karina’s mission is to make everyone feel beautiful and to make makeup simple!