Holiday Gift Guide


Galaxy of Glamour

Gifts Under $50

Super Natural

Liquid Metal Vinyl (Luna)
Ultimate Mascara (Black)
$40.00 (Retail Price $53.00)

Heavenly Hues

Liquid Metal Duo (Mars & Luna)
$45.00 (Retail price $56.00)

Gifts Under $100

Celestial Bliss

Liquid Metal Vinyl (Mercury)
Ultimate Mascara (Black)
Dazzling Liquid Shimmer Glitter (Meteor)
$70.00 (Retail Price $83.00)

Lovely & Luminous

Dazzling Liquid Shimmer
Glitter Trio (Eclipse, Meteor & Cosmos)
$75.00 (Retail Price $90.00)

Captivating & Cosmic

Powder Duo (Out of Space)
Liquid Metal Vinyl (Mars, Luna or Mercury)
Ultimate Mascara (Black or Brown)
Liquid Shimmer Glitter (Eclipse, Meteor or Cosmos)
$95.00 (Retail Price $128.00)

Gifts Under $200

Radiant & Ravishing

HD Primer
Pressed Shimmer Powder Duo (Out of Space)
Ultimate Liner (Black or Brown)
Ultimate Mascara (Black or Brown)
Dazzling Liquid Shimmer Glitter (Eclipse)
Liquid Metal Vinyl (Mars)
$175.00 (Retail Price $213.00)